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Dave Stringer

Shivaya Namah Om (Khammaj)

Dave Stringer

Jaya Durge

Dave Stringer

Gaja Nana

Dave Stringer

Kali Durge (Basant Mukhari)

Dave Stringer

Jaya Vitthale

Dave Stringer

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Joyous, electrifying, full throttle, call-and-response Sanskrit chants infused with flamenco, klezmer and American roots rock flavors.

Ojas, (pronounced with a hard j, as in “juice”, a Sanskrit word meaning life force or vigor) is Stringer’s newest kirtan CD, recorded live in Los Angeles, CA with a choir of 100 voices. Featured singers include C.C. White, Suzanne Sterling, Joni Allen and Allie Stringer. Supporting instruments include tablas, cajon, electric bass and guitar, vibes, trumpet, sitar, clarinet and harmonium. This is third album which Stringer has produced in collaboration with celebrated yoga teacher Saul David Raye.

The production is full and energetic, showcasing radiant vocal harmonies and sophisticated, propulsive rhythms that reference flamenco, traditional Indian folk music and straight ahead American roots rock. Instrumental overlays evoke klezmer, cool jazz and Hindustani classical music in combinations which feel simultaneously astonishing and effortless. The resulting sound perfectly captures the electrifying energy and charming spontaneity of Stringer’s legendary live performances.

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