Sun & Moon

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Om Mata Lakshmi

Terra Gold

Hare Krishna

Terra Gold

Gayatri Mantra

Terra Gold

Om Namah Shivaya

Terra Gold

Om Asato

Terra Gold

Shiva Shakti

Terra Gold

Sun and Moon

Terra Gold

Guru Invocation

Terra Gold

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These eight tracks are a lovingly rich range of soothing, transcending and festive grooves that celebrate spirit. This fusion of mantras offers stunningly adventurous rhythm and harmony, taking the listener on a continuous soulful journey.

“Terra Gold’s debut CD ‘Sun and Moon’ is an impeccably produced love song to Spirit, crowned with Terra’s sweet yet powerful voice.” -Jai Uttal

“Terra sings from her heart on Sun & Moon, offering back to the world all the good vibes she has gotten from teaching and practicing yoga. She’s backed by a great band – Bhakti Groove Sessions aptly describes the contemporary groove which Western yogis have come to love for their yoga practice. By the time you get to Om Asato, you are ready to float on Terra’s sweet rendition of the prayer for spiritual transformation.” -Wah!



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